Dynamic Duo

shutterstock_153693311A gentle whisper was heard in my heart when I asked for a blog post title. Dynamic Duo. Whoa! That was power packed. Ready to unpackage the meaning of these two words that were joined together for a purpose.

I sat down in my comfy cozy love seat, opened the blinds so the sunshine could kiss my cheeks. I gazed up at the clouds as they were forming into unique shapes and imagined what they could be. Like paint colors upon a canvas I saw hearts of all sizes in the puffy white clouds. I was relaxed. Heart content. Ready to listen. Time to press in. I began with my journal, pen, bible, and phone with dictionary app close at hand. I could sense that this was going to be a beautiful word that was going to be etched upon my heart to be shared with you. I feel God winks coming.

So here goes. Dynamic is referenced as an energy, effective action, vital, energetic, energizing, magnetic, peppy, powerful, vigorous, vitalizing, zippy. Synonyms of dynamic are alive, awake, full of life, cheerful, overflowing, happy, spirited, passionate, bubbly, perky, sparkling, and sweeping.

As I scrolled down to see the abundance of words given to describe dynamics; I saw familiar eyes and the words MAJESTIC. I knew instantly before scrolling down any further that these were the beautiful brown eyes of Kari Jobe. It was an advertisement of her new album on the dictionary.com site. I smiled inside and began singing How Majestic is your name!

Now to the next word search duo: Two persons commonly associated with each other, a couple. Synonyms of duo were pair, team, two of a kind, deuce, troop, organization, partners and more references were given. As I scrolled down my iphone to my amazement the beautiful eyes were there again. It was the same advertisement for Kari’s album. I searched another word for fun and grins just to see, and the ad changed to something totally random. Ok God, you have my attention. So just what would you like to say about the combination of these two words that you have joined together.

There are many facets and factors of ways to describe dynamic duo’s. Friends joined together for a special mission. Relationships of all sorts. Parents and children. Teachers and students. Leaders and blooms. Ministries and missions. Families. Churches. Pregnancy Resource Centers. A joining together in some creative way set apart by God to fulfill His plans and purposes on Earth.

A common thread is usually seen as we embark upon the journey each semester in Embrace Grace. The dynamics of our EG groups typically have a theme as they are so wonderfully chosen and handpicked by God. Each bloom having their own uniqueness and special stories. There is an energetic and magnetic presence in the room. Girls and leaders alike are cheerful, happy, spirited and passionate. They are eager to learn and grow more. This mission spurs us on for an abundance of grace to be poured out and overflowing on everyone connected at the heart of EG.

This sweet duo is being highlighted at the moment in my heart…

The dynamic duo of a mommy and baby is precious and profound. The closeness that the two share together as baby is within being knit, formed and fashioned in the womb. Psalm 139 vividly paints the picture of this creation. Nothing else compares to this closeness. Mommy, You are full of life. Life giving. Beautiful beyond compare. The baby within you is being nurtured with the utmost of tenderness and love. Belly Beautiful is the word that comes to my heart when I see girls in their pregnancy. I share how special and chosen they are to be carrying this precious life inside of them. They smile and seem to grasp the love and tenderness that is expressed. You are radiant and glowing. Others are drawn to you and love to ask when are you due? Do you know if you are having a boy or girl? Their eyes light up with the simplest of questions because someone has taken the time to ask. To encourage and lift you up with happy thoughts.

You may be wondering in this moment how everything is going to play out. You may wish you had a way to see into the months ahead of you. As a sonogram of your baby is given to get a little sneak peek of your expected arrival. You are able to see a pretty clear visual of your baby growing inside of you. You have been given a due date. A time for everything under the sun. See Ecclesiastes 3. In your weeks and months, as each day passes, you are getting closer and closer to the delivery.

You may not be able to see the end from the beginning, but there is someone who can. God knows every moment that you will ever encounter and face. He knows every detail. He will be along beside you cheering you on. When you are nearing the end of your pregnancy and delivery is almost time, just get ready for the sweetest moments. The best is yet to come. You will meet your little one face to face. What has been growing and developing inside of you will be born and you will experience a miracle. Embrace this season that you are in. It will pass by quickly and before you know it that sweet baby will be growing faster than you can blink. You will savor the moments as they swiftly grow with each passing day.

Beautiful One we celebrate You! Remarkable. Chosen. Powerful. Delightful. One of a kind. You have a dynamic that only you can bring to this world. Let it shine. Let it radiate this world. As we are joined together in special and unique ways we create dynamic duo’s all over the world that makes an impact beyond anything imaginable.
God is in the details. Grand and Small. He orchestrates them ALL!

Written by Salina Duffy

You Make Me Brave

shutterstock_17831977My heart was elated as I stood in the middle of two blooms. One an EG alumni. Another bloom at 22 weeks pregnant. Our arms were wrapped around each other as we swayed back and forth during the worship at Pink Impact. We sang the words together along with at least four thousand other ladies in the sanctuary and thousands more watching simulcast. Hearts fully engaged. As the words were repeated over and over the picture began to play in my mind. I began to think of how brave and courageous these two precious blooms on each side of me are. Along with every girl that has come and those that are to come to Embrace Grace.

On one side was a mom that has a 3 year old little boy and has walked the path of single parenting, seeking strength, wisdom and guidance from her True Source Jesus. She trusted that He would bring her the man of her dreams when the time was right. She had other relationships before but knew that there was someone out there that was handpicked just for her. She waited. Trusting. Hoping he would find her. She was on a quest. As she was receiving freedom and healing in the purest of ways, God was setting things into motion. He spoke to the man that He had handpicked just for her. A little time passed and she is now engaged and happily planning and preparing for her special wedding day. She has walked the path of bravery and has shown tremendous courage as she went through her pregnancy, newborn stages, and into toddlerhood of her little boy that brings her so much joy. She has learned what it means to truly trust Jesus for everything and seek His will in every decision that she makes. She is a warrior in the mightiest of ways! Her son and my oldest son share the same birthdays, now that’s pretty special in itself! I love them both, mommy and son, with the sweetest love pouring out over them. She says she can feel it.

On the other side of me was a belly beautiful bloom with her tiny bump as she was worshipping God with total abandonment and surrender. She had the sweetest tears as she pressed closer into God’s heart to hear all that He longed to speak to her. She doesn’t know the answers to all the questions that are laying before her, but she trusts the One who has all the answers, as He reveals them to her in the precise moments she needs to hear them. She is learning to replace her fear with faith as she steps into the unknown and believes that Jesus is always right beside her and never leaves her side. She is learning what love looks like from a heavenly Daddy that is crazy about her. She has experienced transformation from caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. She is spreading her wings and flying free in the wind. She is brave in the most remarkable of ways. Her story, her path has not been an easy one, but she is walking victoriously through the fight and is truly a hero in my eyes forever! She has etched her place upon my heart and I will forever love and treasure her!

Then my heart began to search for the two precious new blooms we had just met at our Pink Impact booth. They were somewhere in the sanctuary amidst all the other ladies in their seats. One bloom is 4 weeks and 3 days, the other 11 weeks. They both had their share of tears and moments of how is all this going to work out? They came at separate times during the conference and we were able to share all about Embrace Grace. How they have found the love and grace that will flood their hearts and bring so much life and encouragement as they walk this path of their pregnancy. They are not ever alone. We are locking arms with them. They are BRAVE! The very next night a God wink happened. He set up a moment where they both were able to meet in the hall and give each other hugs and even get a quick pic together. They know they will be embraced by an enormous amount of support as they embark upon this new journey set before them.

You are Brave. You are brave. I kept hearing this over and over for them.

Brave is known as exhibiting courage and showing courageous endurance.

Kari Jobe and the worship team began to sing the chorus to this song as the first 2 blooms (mentioned above) and I were fully engaged in the heart of worship. Let the words sink in as you read them.

You Make Me Brave by Bethel

As Your love, in wave after wave
Crashes over me, crashes over me
For You are for us You are not against us
Champion of Heaven
You made a way for all to enter in

I have heard You calling my name
I have heard the song of love that You sing
So I will let You draw me out beyond the shore
Into Your grace Into Your grace

You make me brave You make me brave

You call me out beyond the shore into the waves
You make me brave You make me brave
No fear can hinder now the love that made a way
You make me brave You make me brave
No fear can hinder now the promises you made

A vision I have seen before is our Embrace Grace Team standing on the shore with arms linked one by one as EG alumni’s and new blooms with baby bumps began to join. An Enlarging Embrace. Going Beyond. The line stretched for miles and miles across the shore overlooking the waves. Our feet in the sand, the wind in our face, together we were making an impact for the world to see.

& then the vision grew beyond…

As the words to the song were echoed in beautiful melodies and voices… First we sang the song Ocean- and then You make me Brave…the new vision that I had at this Pink Impact 2014 as the 2 blooms were on each side of me and we swayed back and forth was this: He is calling us out beyond the shore and our Embrace Grace Team along with alumni, blooms and babies began to take steps further into the water. Waves were crashing over us, but we were not fearful. We were brave. No matter the storms. The wind causes the waves to rise. The Holy Spirit is rising us up and creating a stirring within the hearts across the nation. Waves of love. Waves of grace. You make us brave. I saw us taking steps further into the water. Beyond the shore into the waves. No fear. Only faith. Faith rising up as we step out into the unknown. Many, many, many more churches across the nation are going to join in and link arms together with us. Connections are being made. Together we will Embrace the mommies and babies. They will no longer feel alone, lost or scared. They will feel the arms of Jesus along with us as we link arms across the nations. Stretching miles upon miles beyond the shore. We are BRAVE!

Written by Salina Duffy

Hope When There Was None

shutterstock_115457149A year ago today was the day Ryan and I found out we had a precious blessing on its way! Evelynn has been such a joy in our lives and in the lives of everyone around us. I am one proud mommy of a gorgeous little girl and I would NOT have it any other way. If I was given the choice I’d redo everything over and over again and not change a thing. Evelynn was my angel, she saved my life and not many people know that. Before finding out I was pregnant, I was at the roughest and lowest point in my life. I was depressed and sad basically 24/7, I didn’t know how to deal with what I was going through. I had gotten so bad that I gave up hope on not only on myself but life, I was ready to leave this world. I actually had planned out how, where and when I was going to do it. A Friday night when no one would be home due to plans for the weekend or work, I was going to overdose on pills that would quietly and painlessly make me fall into an eternal sleep. I honestly didn’t care or think about anyone else, I just knew I was done. I was tired and my soul felt heavy. No one knew though, not even my mother or my boyfriend. I was so good at “playing it off” that no one could catch how bad I had fallen into this vast ocean of depression. I didn’t believe very much in God at the time, I didn’t believe he was there for me. Until Thursday April 18, 2013, I was working at AMC theaters with my boyfriend when he had asked me if I had gotten my period that month ( let me just say I never kept track of dates – I absolutely hated periods!). Ironically the last month I had actually put it down on my phone and sure enough I was a week late (which I never had been before). After work that night we went to Wal-Mart to go get a pregnancy test, and as we parted ways to go to our own homes I took a test. At first I didn’t believe I was actually pregnant, I thought the test was defective or something because there was a second line but it was so faint! Until all three tests became the same, I knew at that point I was pregnant. I cried and mourned about how my life was over,etc. but then I realized, why did I even care about that? I was trying to end my life and ironically I find out I’m pregnant the day before? Couldn’t have been a coincidence. At first I was embarrassed of my pregnancy, I was a teen mom and a Mexican teen mom at that so didn’t really help with the statistics and stereotypes out there. Luckily my mom found out about Embrace Grace in our church, Gateway Church. I wasn’t having anything about God at the time and it actually took me a few months to reply to the group email my mom sent Kathleen but I finally did and agreed to attend this group. If only I had known how blessed and majorly changed my life would be!! They helped me follow the path to God, they showed me how to break free of my chains of anger, sorrow, depression and hatred! EG showed me that the little baby inside me was not an abomination or a sin, but a major blessing! I don’t think people realize how much negativity young moms hear daily, EG lifts us up! They are there for us and support us every step of the way while the rest of the world looks down upon us and judges us. EG prepared me for motherhood and help me get started. I was blessed to have met all my leaders and fellow EG sisters! I realized by the end of the semester God saved me, he planted the biggest blessing he could ever give me in my womb.SusyEg

I changed my view on life because of Evelynn, she gave me strength and a reason to keep moving forward! She was and is my angel – because of her I became closer to God, I had rekindled my relationship with God! She changed my life for the better and I can never thank her or God enough. If it wasn’t for either one I would not be here now telling you this. I absolutely adore and love and cherish my little Evelynn! I couldn’t image life without her! So today is a celebration for me, that’s it’s been a year since I found out about my pregnancy.

Written by Susy – EG Alumni 


shutterstock_126094013The sweet voice on the other end of the phone seemed so fragile, like a tiny teacup. I had been expecting her phone call. A couple of hours earlier a lady had called and shared a little bit of this girl’s story. She said she had an abortion scheduled on Saturday (just 2 days away). She asked if I would be willing to meet with her? Oh please, have her call me and we can connect. I will meet her anytime, anywhere. I waited expectantly for her to call.

Resembling a Dr. as they are on call for a delivery, my heart felt that I was on call. This precious life was waiting. My phone was just a tiny grasp away. The call came. I was so sensitive to her heart and the place she was in. She was so scared to tell her mom. She said she was afraid of the rejection she would feel. I began to speak life giving words to her. Precious tears began to fall and she sniffled a little. I asked if I could pray with her and she agreed she would really like that.

Life and love words began to flow and touch her heart. That tiny teacup began to fill up with peace and love as it poured out from my mouth. I asked if we could meet for lunch tomorrow? She said yes please. The next morning I woke up expectant and empowered knowing that God had an appointed time for this precious girl. At 11:11 am on April 11th I began the journey to meet her. A truck ahead of me had a yellow caution triangle road sign that read PREPARE TO SAVE. At that very moment my heart said prepare to save this baby. Pray. Pray and pray some more. I had sent messages to other leaders in Embrace Grace to also be praying and believing for this baby.

We met at Wendy’s for lunch on a very windy day. Trees and leaves were blowing mightily outside. She walked in and we shared a sweet embrace. She sat down and said she had gathered the courage to call her mom after we had talked and prayed last night. The reaction her Mom gave was totally opposite from what she had expected to receive. Her Mom said looks like we have some planning to do! She offered for her to move back home so that she could offer help and support. At that moment she called and rescheduled her appointment for the abortion. She needed more time to process and think.

She began to express her heartfelt desires and how she had imagined this to be in different circumstances. She had not planned for this to happen. She was not ready to be a single mom. She had so many questions. She felt unsure of her decision. I was there to listen. To encourage. To inspire hope and speak life into her situation. Each minute that passed she seemed more expectant and hopeful. She said she knew it wouldn’t be easy. That there was so much to consider in each decision that she made.

Again, I prayed hope and spoke Jeremiah 29:11 over her and her baby.

Ill show up and take care of you as I promised and bring you back home. I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out- plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. When you call on me, when you come and pray to me, I’ll listen. {Jeremiah 29:11-12}

She told me that she had a dream before she ever found out she was pregnant. Her eyes began to brighten and a glimmer of hope began to sparkle as she said in her dream she held a baby boy. She felt in her heart that she was carrying a baby boy. That gave her hope. Something special to cling to. She did not know how everything was going to work out, but she was encouraged to trust God to work out the plans and details of this life for her.

That morning before I woke up to meet with her, I kept hearing the word babysaver and lifesaver over and over again in my heart. Babysaver, babysaver. You are a babysaver.

You are a babysaver too. All of YOU! As you reach out to those that are placed in your path. As you listen to their heart and have compassion upon them and share the truth that God will be there for them. To guide and help them through each step. He promises to be there. He will pour out His love upon them. You are saving babies lives. Speaking life and love over them.

Pro-life & Pro-love in action!

We are 4 UNBORN!

Many times we have heard this from our blooms:

My baby saved my life!!

Each and every bloom and alumni that has been to Embrace Grace and those that are to come- you are a BABYSAVER! You chose life and love for your baby.

You may have made the biggest and bravest decision and chose adoption and blessed another family with your baby! That is a priceless gift and you are a babysaver!

You may have a tug in your heart as you may have had an abortion in the past, come very close to having one or know someone that has. Even if the thought has ever crossed your mind. Please know that you are not alone. Healing and wholeness is yours for the taking. This post is not in any way to make you feel ashamed or condemned. It is the total opposite. This is a life giving message. Grace filled! You are a babysaver too!

A song just came on as I am typing this post and I feel it is for you precious one. May the words speak tenderly to your heart. May you feel the whispering grace it brings.

Majesty enthroned in beauty
All my life, Your love pursues me
and I’m found in You
Oh Holy One, the King of glory
You’re the Author of my story
and I’m found in You

‘Cause You give me life
And lead me to find Your grace and Your mercy
Given so freely
Your word is my light
It leads me to find Your comfort and healing
The hope that I’m needing

Your love is all around, Oh

And I hear Your voice
I hear the words You’ve spoken
This love is Yours
This love restores the broken

And this is all my hope and peace
Nothing but the blood of Jesus
And this is all my righteousness
Nothing but the blood of Jesus

And oh, precious is the flow
That makes me white as snow
No other fount I know
Nothing but the blood of Jesus
Oh, Your love is all around

– by All Sons and Daughters- Your Love is all around

I pray the words to this song bring you comfort and healing! A bonus song for you to listen to that is playing in my heart right now… Scandal of grace by Hillsong United… check it out!

Oh to be like you, give all I have just to know you… your all the hope in my heart…It’s all because of you JESUS!

I love you precious BABYSAVERS!!

Written by Salina Duffy


Once Lost, Now Found

1117091655In the beginning there was a girl who ran off impulse and insecurities
Surrounding herself by impurities
Lost, insufficiencies
Not renewing, not pursuing to have Christ in her mind
She didn’t do it at first after righteousness, but only to impress the arms of her flesh
You know the rest
Her spirit was so weak as it could not compete
As she consciously continued to cheat
On Christ with the lying and defying
She did not realize but her spirit was dying
She routinely filled her life with sin
Her body not a temple for Christ
She didn’t praise Him and her heart was cold
No desire for her spiritual growth
And before you know it she was held bound – a stronghold
Who would ever have foretold that time would be wasted completely
Now looking back realizing she was deceived – truly
Enticed by the devil at hand she had no idea about the baby boy in God’s plan
It was then she realized without Christ there’s no rock to stand
From there spiritually she went uphill
Believe me without Christ you’re lost for real
Without Him your soul is destined for hell
But that’s the penalty of sin though it’s not a fairytale
So she now looks to the hills for her help
Because she knows she’ll miss Christ if she looks to self or material wealth
Her spiritual guide, she doesn’t want to backslide1920403_10152075789778409_1922636066_n
Just wants to allow Him to remain inside
Now in His word she abides and hides from all pride
Now she knows the true meaning of eternal life
Bold, courageous, saved by grace, crowned
Was once lost, but now she’s found

Written by EG Bloom Chelsea

Embraced by Love

shutterstock_142134379Embrace Love is a new one-on-one mentoring program that is beginning to blossom for our blooms and her baby. Sweetness and goodness by the spoon-fulls of love is dished out! Literally- lots of sugar and goodies are on the table to enjoy as the blooms and I connect hearts one on one and begin a love encounter with Jesus together.

The thoughts began to swirl in my mind of a loving connection and bond that could be shared between mommy & baby and her mentor. This could be the sweetest thing!

Our very first Embrace Love mentoring session was held at a delicious bakery in Colleyville. Too many sweets.. how can you just choose one! Beautiful mommy bloom with her baby girl so adorably dressed came walking in the door and sat down in the comfy booth beside me. I could not wait to get my hands around her sweet baby and love on her! We began sharing hearts and stories of favorite memories as a little girl. Her sweetest memories was when her Grandma would take her to a tea room in Grapevine and she remembers dressing up in princess dresses and enjoying tea parties and sweets. I thought it was the sweetest thing! It gave me an amazing thought for our next session together.

She also said her big dream now that she is a mommy and newlywed is to become a hairstylist and pursue her love of music. She has been playing guitar and loves to be creative in her music! I brought a small box of sweethearts and asked her to pick one heart from the box. The heart she chose read: U R A Star! She smiled the biggest smile and it was confirmation to her heart that what she is dreaming and desiring… really can come true! I told her she shines bright and she is a star in so many ways! To her daughter especially! She is so loving, nurturing, caring and giving to her precious baby girl. The love in her eyes sparkles and twinkles and lights up the room! She smiled so sweetly when she heard those little words. All it takes is a little love and encouragement to bring so much joy and happiness to these blooms hearts!

Our next Embrace Love session was set for us to meet at Let’s Pretend Tea Parties in Grapevine. Her Grandma was also invited to share in the celebration. They entered the room and her sweet baby had so much excitement. She is only 5 months old, but somehow she just knew this party was for her! Her very 1st tea party. I held her in my arms and she looked around the table. As she saw the tea cups her little arms were just squeezed up as tight as could be and sheer delight was in her face and she squealed and tightened up her little tummy like she knew it was time to party! Even though she is so tiny, her heart could sense the love all around her!

The expressions on her face was PRICELESS! Her mommy and great-grandma adoringly watched her excitement and captured the moments on their camera. It was a sight to remember and cherish forever! We sat around and enjoyed our tea time and cupcakes and she reminisced with her Grandma of all the special times they came to Let’s Pretend tea room and made special memories. Her Grandma had the sweetest tears falling down her cheeks as her granddaughter shared about their precious moments together and the love she has always shared.  3 sweet generations of God’s beautiful girls joined together around the table enjoying the moments. It was an honor to be a part and witness the love expressed in the room! We talked of love for each other, the love for her baby, the love of Jesus that is all over her. We listened to worship songs and the words of love began to flow. We wrote her little love notes for her to take with her and read when she moves next month to live on base with her new hubby.

The most joyous occasions. It was a winter wonderland in Grapevine. The snow was falling beautifully outside. Big snowflakes could be seen as we looked out the window… it seemed almost as if were in a movie while we were in  Let’s Pretend. Memories were being captured.  She began to plan her baby girls first birthday party at Lets Pretend Tea Parties in honor of the love that her Grandma had displayed for her as a little girl and as she has grown and blossomed into motherhood.

My heart was full of love and adoration. I held onto this precious baby girl and we looked at the adorable outfits on display. She melts my heart! Just as each and every baby that I come close to touches a sweet spot in my heart that words can not even express. In the womb, or in arms these babies are here for us to love! As the mommies and babies are Embraced by Love their hearts are forever being etched upon with the sweetest of words, tokens of love, kindness and expressions straight from the heart. I cherish these moments shared and look forward to so many more to come in the future!

Sending you my love! xoxo

Written by Salina Duffy

Embraced by Grace – Special Delivery

EGAnticipation and expectancy of holding a new arrival brings joy deep down inside the depths within you. You may be expecting a little bundle of joy right now, and within your womb is a precious little miracle just waiting to be delivered. There is joy in the waiting.

Along with so many tiny babies being born and those baby buns still in the oven of the mommies within Embrace Grace; there has also been a special delivery of our heartfelt sentiments and a sweet collection of lessons. A compilation of grace filled messages that will tug at your heart strings and draw you closer into the heart of our Father. Our EMBRACED by GRACE study guide is now available!

So many grace filled moments are yours to encounter, experience and receive.

Holding this beautiful book in our hands brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. The long awaited arrival was so worth the wait! Seriously above and beyond!

The whole process from conception to delivery has been a journey to remember. There have been so many inspirational hearts that helped this study guide become a dream come true! I would love to share some thank you’s with those that made this special dream become a reality.

Jesus this is all for your glory! The words have been God breathed and echos your heartbeat. So thankful that you have drawn us so deep into your heart, allowing us to hear your heartbeat and bring us closer to you. I am full of adoration, love and a thankful heart of gratitude for gracing us with this beautiful mission to love on the mommies and babies! Such a treasure is found in each and every one!

We are so thankful for all of our mommies and babies that have inspired us since the very beginning of Embrace Grace. Your dedication, strength and bravery to be true life givers to these sweet little ones is so precious and dear to our heart. You have inspired each and every word that has been written. May your days be grace filled and tons of love lavished and poured out upon you. My heart and arms are outstretched towards you all.

Thank you to our contributor writers Jackie and Amy. Your beautiful heartbeats. You were so full of dedication and motivation as you saw this to completion. Embellishments and edits were made possible by you ~ so thank you from the depths of my heart! I love you both immensely!

Irini has been an amazing life coach/ midwife throughout the entire writing process. A close neighbor and friend that listened to my heart when this dream was only tiny seeds within.  She helped to inspire and encourage as the seeds began to sprout and produce abundant fruit and words of life.

Kerrie the way we complete each others sentences… wow, there is no one else on earth like you. Your outlook and freedom sessions knock my socks off! You rock in the best of ways! You helped me uncover things that were buried so deep allowing the dreams that were placed deep within to be awakened and brought to life. We share a special sister connection that will last a lifetime. Thank you sweet friend!

Beautiful Angel thank you for the honor of gracing us with the precious beauty of your baby girl on our front cover. Baby Zoey is a sign of LIFE and she displays grace in the most sweetest of ways. Reflecting back upon the times you were longing to become pregnant with her and hoping for another baby to love along with your 2 beautiful daughters, I will forever treasure the prayers made over your womb. My love for you is so deep!

Amy Headington from Images of Grace: there simply are not enough words to express the gratitude and thankfulness that I have for you. You captured the most breathtaking moments of my maternity and a year in the life with my sweet baby almost 7 years ago. All our family photos displayed as keepsakes on our walls will forever be a treasure! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your beautiful God given gift of photography and gracing us with the beautiful photo of Zoey for our cover! So fitting for you to capture both my natural born children and portray the beautiful gift of grace for the photo on our guide.

Marsia and the Gateway Create Team you are wonderful in every way. Thank you for believing in us! I will forever cherish our first meeting when you said you girls are world changers! Thank you for publishing our first ever Embrace Grace study guide! We are forever grateful to your team!

Gateway Ministry Resource/ Passages a super big thank you for printing & displaying our EG study guides at all the Gateway bookstores and online. We are so honored and blessed by you!

My sweet boys, Landan and Logan,  your love and cheering me on saying, mommy, you can do it, you can finish your book… You encouraged me all along the way. I love you my sweeties forever and always! The stories within the pages are a reflection of the grace that we give and receive daily. I love you both so much!

My hubby, the love of my life. The tears of joy I remember falling down your cheeks the moment I said, it’s finished! I will hold that memory in the pocket of my heart forever. You were my number 1 encourager from the beginning to the end. You believed the best in me and through me. I love you more, so much more than you will ever know.

Is anything too hard or too wonderful for the Lord? At the appointed time, when the season [for her delivery] comes around…{Genesis 18:14}

And while they were there, the time came for her delivery {Luke 2:6}

As you are awaiting the arrival of your little bundle, may you be encouraged and know that in due season, at the perfect time, your delivery will come! I love you with all my heart!

I expressed to our blooms this past week that I simply wish my arms could stretch like Elastigirl on The Incredibles movie. If only I could stretch my arms so far and embrace each and every single and pregnant girl in the world, that would be my heart’s desire. Through this Embraced by Grace study guide, the blooms are able to be embraced by us. And that makes my heart so happy!!!

Written by Salina Duffy