Duck Ducks… When my baby boy was 12-18 months old one of his favorite activities was to go for a walk in his stroller and feed the duck-ducks. He would point and say duck-ducks over and over again. It was so amusing and entertaining for him.  The ducks would see us approaching and would waddle towards us knowing that a snack was sure to be on the way. My little one would tear off tiny pieces and throw to the ducks, and always want to partake and have some of the bread for himself as well. On many occasions after our leisurely stroll down to the pond and on our way back home we would carry on our own little conversations together- mommy and baby. We would notice the little things in nature and enjoy the sweet and tender moments. I will forever treasure these special times.

One afternoon when I was laying him down to sleep after an excursion to visit the ducks,  I was reading him a sweet book Tell me something happy before I fall asleep. His eyes were getting so heavy and he tried to stay engaged as he looked at the bunnies on the page… but after all the excitement one day brings, his tiny eyes said night night, sleep tight.

I was cuddled up beside him and my eyes were heavy too. A little nap I could enjoy too. I whispered a little prayer, God, please tell me something happy before I fall asleep. As my eyes were closed I began to get a picture of something extraordinary. It was a glimpse of heaven. I approached a big house with a pond in front with ducks floating gracefully all around. I thought to myself, ahhh that is so sweet; but I want to see something bigger. So with my eyes still closed, I approached this big house and came up to the door and was invited in. As I entered in the room something inside of me was filled with the sweetest sensation and enlightenment.  I could sense that babies were all around. I didn’t actually see them, just a deep knowing in my heart that they were there. No tears or crying, just laughter and goo goo’s were heard.

The room was overflowing with babies. I heard a whisper, these are all yours. ALL of them in this home belong to you. This is something you will enjoy so very much when you are here in heaven. Babies everywhere for you to embrace, nurture and care for. My heart was elated and filled with such wonder. I remember him speaking softly to my heart and saying, Your time on earth is spent loving and caring for the ones you love the most. Your precious children that I placed inside your womb. Many other babies will come that were not birthed from your womb, but they will be just as close to you. You are on earth to care for them and guide them as they learn and grow up. They love to be close to you. And you love to be close to them. It brings so much joy to your heart. A mother’s love. So pure, so true, so you. After hearing these words and seeing what I had just seen, my heart was in love! Such a precious love that I fell fast asleep surrounded in the sweetest peace.

I awoke with the vision still fresh on my heart. When I asked for something HAPPY, the Lord blessed me with more than I could have possibly dreamed on my own. 5 years have passed since that special encounter, and I reflect back to it ever so often. I wonder how many babies were in my home in heaven? What was their story? What will heaven be like? What will I do when I see Jesus face to face?

I know that our time on earth is very temporal. Heaven is eternal. Our time here is meant to be enjoyed and treasured with the ones we love most. My prayer for you is that you are able to savor the moments with your loved ones. Maybe you are a mommy, a mommy to be, a nana, an auntie, a sissy, or a girl that loves babies just like me. Enjoy the little things. The sweet walks, precious talks, lullabies and lovable moments, they are so adorable and memories in the making.

Babies bring out the best in me. They light up my life in ways that nothing else does. Something within me leaps when a baby is in the room and it is such a sweet occurrence when I am able to embrace them or speak softly to them and give them special attention. They feed on love and affection. That is what we love to give.

He will bless the babies from your womb and the harvest… from your fields... Deuteronomy 7:13

As you lay your head on your pillow, may you be able to whisper a little prayer… tell me something happy before I fall asleep. You may get a picture, a song, silence or a plethora of ways that God desires to show or speak to you. May your ears be tuned in, may your eyes be receptive, may your heart be open to receive. Hopefully you can write out the ways that you see and embrace the happiness.

Babies are a blessing and such a joy to our hearts. Enjoy some baby time!! Enjoy some big kid time too! Whatever their age, no matter how old they get… they will always be my baby, I always say.

My prayer is that you experienced a wonderful childhood, but like so many girls that I have heard stories from; their home life, like mine, was broken at one time or another. For those that endured this my heart goes out to you and I want to say that I am so sorry. I came across a letter today that my Dad wrote and gave to me 5 years ago. I felt led to share with you. Maybe this is the “something happy” you need to hear before you fall asleep… may your heart be held peacefully and sweetly in the most precious embrace from Jesus.

A letter from my earthly dad…

Things that I missed not being with you.  Maybe to some, this may not seem like much.  I missed you running up to me and hugging my neck saying daddy I love you.  That is what you used to do when you were very young. And yes, between me and you, I used to hold you and sing you to sleep.  You were so peaceful then. Not a care in the world. And your pretty smile. These are some of the things I experienced with you but later missed.  Then you were older and I missed your first day of school.  Helping you with your homework and the art work you would bring home from school.  Going for walks at the park or visiting the zoo. Of course the one that bothers all dads but we all know is inevitable. That one is seeing you off on your first date. The most important thing that I missed was YOU! Even though I missed you, you were always there in my heart.  You will always be my baby girl. And now you are grown. There are a lot of miles between us.  Now when I see you, you may not run… But you always come up and give me a hug.  It may not sound like much but it is special to me.  I guess another one would be that I was not there when you needed me the most. I LOVE You my Baby Girl!

A letter from your Heavenly Dad…

And you will make a new start, listening obediently to God… God, your God, will outdo himself in making things go well for you: you’ll have babies …grow crops, and enjoy an all-around good life… making things go well for you just as he enjoyed doing it for your ancestors. {Deuteronomy 30:8-9}

Our children and their children will get in on this as the word is passed along from parent to child. Babies not yet conceived will hear the good news— that God does what he says. {Psalm 22:30-31}