Being a friend to so many young, single and pregnant girls or single new moms, I see a lot of boyfriend/girlfriend relationships come and go. I know it hurts more when you parent a child together but the relationship doesn’t work. I’ve seen girls even stay in a relationship with someone that they know full well that he is not the man God has picked out for them, but still try so hard to make it work.

How can God bring you the man He has picked out for you, your soulmate, if you can’t let go of the wrong one? 

I know it takes courage to cut it off. It’s hard I know. But what blessings could be waiting for you if you just trust God and wait on Mr. Right? You don’t have to force a relationship … or think that maybe one day they will change.

As a teen, I definitely had my fair share of guys that I dated and thought they were the one. I would scribble my name with their last name on my notebook … I would think about what our future kids might look like … and then things would change. Either I would start to lose the love feeling or they would … and that was until I met my now husband. Then I knew.

We have been married 14 years and every once in a while I’ll run into one of my old boyfriends. Immediately that old Garth Brooks song will go through my head, “Sometimes I thank God, for unanswered prayers” – just SO thankful that I didn’t waste my time with the wrong ones longer than I had to.

Last week it seemed like a lot of girls are struggling in this area … can I just encourage you to seek God and ask Him to show you what to do? Ask Him to make it obvious for you … and when He does, and it might not be the answer you wanted, don’t look the other way. Remember that God is FOR YOU. He LOVES YOU. He has the VERY best for you.

Do you trust Him?

Are you in a relationship where you go back and forth every other day about if your man is right for you? Would love to hear from you!