Postpartum pad  is the most necessary item to include at your hospital bag and the bleeding that you experience after delivery is also known as lochia. After delivery, postpartum bleeding will be heavy and you need to prepare for it. There is no matter what kind of birth method it will happen like cesarean, medicated, unmedicated and normal, you must choose the best pads for postpartum that could be really useful to you. While choosing the pads for postpartum, you must concern about specific things like prepare yourself to lochia, and so on. You might expect heavier flow rather than the regular so you must understand benefits of choosing best pads.

How to Find out the Best Pads for Postpartum?

Postpartum diaper is one of the best ways to handle heavy bleeding and different brands of the diapers are available but choosing the best pads for postpartum is necessary one. You can also follow some tips when you choose the pads for postpartum like

  • Maximum absorbency adult diaper
  • Mesh panties plus maternity pads
  • Extra heavy flow overnight pads
  • Regular pads
  • Panty liners

What Pads Should I Use after Giving Birth?

If you are doing some research in online then you can easily find out the best pads for postpartum on your needs. Doing research in online is one of the best ways to find out the best brand. Actually, sanitary pads are the convenient to use during the normal periods. But, after deliver your baby, you must choose maternity pads for convenience and comfort. Maternity pads might be longer in length which is having better absorbents and soft texture. You must not compromise your hygiene during this stage. For that reason only, maternity pads are always better rather than sanitary pads. This kind of the pad is thicker and wider in dimension that might make it fit for heavy bleeding. According to the studies says that, maternity pads are better absorbent rather than the normal sanitary pads. Different kinds of the maternity pads are available which includes

  • Organic
  • Natracare
  • Covidien
  • Always maxi

If you are a newbie to choose the best pads for postpartum then you must read reviews in online that could be beneficial to you. Extensive brands of pads are available for postpartum so concern about some factor while choosing the pads like

Always maxi overnight pads

This kind of the pad is having large wings which are really useful to protect your clothes. There are tons of the reasons there to choose this pad like wide, big and ling enough to protect you during the heaviest flows. It has 15 inches long pad and it is offering the extra wide back portion so you can get excellent protection when you recline at sleeping and night. If you are choosing this pad then you can get extensive ranges of the advantages like unscented for women who might be sensitive to odors, super absorbent, and leak guard core to absorb any fluids.

Always radiant pads

It has flex foam and it is having capability to absorb ten times its weight. One of the major advantages of using this pad is too comfortable to wear. It might not use loosely woven mesh so the cover is soft. There are massive numbers of the reasons there to choose this pad like comfortable to wear, you might not feel bulky and stay convenient.

Seventh generation maxi pads

If you are irritated by the dyes or fragrance then seventh generation maxi pads are the best and excellent choice. It is considered as the best pads after postpartum and you might not experience any irritation. It is chlorine free pads so you can feel good and it might not contribute to chlorinated toxins. When it comes to the advantages of choosing this pad is that should not irritate your skin, comes under your budget and large wings.

100% organic cotton pads

If you are worried about chemicals used in the disposable postpartum pads then you can take advantage on the organic cotton pads. It is offering excellent performance when it comes to the terms of absorbency. These kinds of the heavy flow pads are made of organic cotton so you no need to worry about potential chemicals. It has windows to provide you added protection from the leaks. It is also known as biodegradable pads so it is the best pads after birth. The main benefits of using this pad includes better for the environment rather than typical disposable, skin won’t be irritated and completely organic.

What Pads Should I Use after Giving Birth?

Poise incontinence pads

If you deal with all sorts of the embarrassing stains, body fluids and smells on the regular basis then this pad is the best choice. It is especially designed for the bladder weakness and it has excellent absorbency which might make it ideal for new moms. In case you are looking to find yourself with the little postpartum incontinence then this pad is the best and finest option. It is super absorbent for heavy flows, generous shape, long wings which might adhere well. If you are choosing this pad then you can get amazing numbers of the advantages like excellent choice for overnight use, large pads that might not bunch up, soft quilted top could be comfortable against the skin, and lock moisture away. If you are in the budget then poise incontinence pads are the best choice.


Postpartum pad is the best things that you might be glad to have around when your baby is safely delivered and in your arms. Actually, your hospital bag must have specific things such as belly wrap, comfortable pajamas, new toiletries, soft nursing clothing, nipple cream an essentials for the little one. Basically, online is the best and finest place to read reviews to pick the best pads for postpartum. Always maxi is the best rated pads which are available in market and it could be safer to worn at overnight. It is having wider and longer dimensions. At the same time, it is good absorbents so it is hygienic to use.